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Featured Art!!

"I got more styles than the road got miles!!" -AJ Azike

"There is a Rhythm, Timing and Balance that flows deep from within my Soul and on to each work of Art that I produce. Every time I paint, I am pulling and pushing from opposite ends of the spectrum and presenting the observer with Harmonious Victory. To toe the line that runs between Chaos and Order is my duty and to find that place where Passion unites with Peace is my Journey." -A.J. Azike

Featured Art!!

"The Lab" by AJ Azike

"Painting with Gratitude has given me the ability to paint without restriction, without resistance and without worry of the outcome." -AJ Azike

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“Putting paint where it ain't!!🚀🚀🚀”

"I have a simple philosophy when it comes to painting... Paint first, think later!!"

There is a certain freedom and stillness that comes from the painting process that can only be achieved by the completion of work. Freedom of an idea that ran through your minds eye to become reality and stillness of reflecting on a job well done..... so get to work!!

-AJ Azike

A "Fired Up" floral for ya!!